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About Us

Why Wheat Bakes?

WHEAT BAKES – The Name Says It All!

A healthy alternative to maida and high in nutrients and fibre, how could we not choose this wholesome ingredient to bake our cakes? Freshly grounded at the mill, we use whole wheat flour to make our cakes healthy and tasty.

For your conscious cravings, we source the best ingredients!

Be it rich chocolate or nuts or fresh fruits, we always make sure to ethically source organic and healthy ingredients that don’t compromise on its taste or quality.

It’s all in the natural ingredients!

We do not use artificial flavoring, but fresh fruits and nuts to add flavor to our cakes. 

Eating Natural Isn’t A Trend. It Is A Return To Tradition.

Ever wondered why our ancestors lived long and healthy? Perhaps you already know why. So you can always take a step away from processed food, and instead choose to eat organic and healthy, especially at Wheat Bakes!

Our Story

It all started with a question: “Amma, where do I find cakes that are healthy?”

A few years back, my son fell ill and was advised to eat healthily . As any other kid, he hated vegetables and loved sweet treats, especially cakes! He insisted that he wanted to eat chocolate cake and I flatly refused saying cakes were unhealthy. And that’s when he asked,

“Amma, where do I find cakes that are healthy?”

What started as a rhetorical question became a difficult realisation because I couldn’t find any available stores or bakeries nearby that offered healthy cakes

Then I decided to try my hand at baking and experimenting with healthier ingredients as substitutes to the commonly used ones. Soon enough, with practice and near-perfection, I mastered the art of baking healthy cakes, cookies, brownies and other treats. The mom in me was overjoyed and satisfied just by watching my children indulging in healthy delicacies that fulfilled their cravings as well.

Before long, I started baking for the whole family and friends and loved watching the surprised delight on their faces when I revealed that everything used in it was healthy and organic. Baking became a favourite hobby of mine, it felt like I’d created magic with my fingers

With more experimentation and a new profound love for healthier baking alternatives, I learnt, created and mastered new cake recipes. Of course, there were times when I would end up with a too crumbly cake or burnt cookie bottoms. But these little disasters only motivated me to improve my skills and learn more about baking.

“The more you know, the more you can create. There’s no end to imagination in the kitchen.” — Julia Child

It also turned out to be a stressbuster for me, especially during the lockdown — the strong aroma, warmth of the heated oven and the repetitive steps that made me give all my focus to the process. Like they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets baking!

Soon after things started normalising a bit, my husband suggested that I open a small bakery providing healthy and natural treats. Reluctant at first, but with his generous support and confidence in me, we started ‘Wheat Bakes’ that focuses on being

  • 100% Natural
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • 100% No preservatives
  • 100% Handmade

As the name says, we use 100% whole wheat flour as our key ingredient to bake our delish treats. We also replace ingredients high in fats and sugar with healthier and organic substitutes, therefore our baked goods are comparatively healthier without compromising on taste or quality.

We believe that, in this fast-paced world of trends and fads, eating healthy and natural shouldn’t be one of them, but a conscious lifestyle practice that we make for ourselves and the future generations to come. We also want to break the myth that anything delicious or sweet is unhealthy to the body. That being said, let me assure you that, at Wheat Bakes,

Delicious cakes can be healthy!

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